Buttoned Up

When I think of the 70’s my mind wonders to Woodstock Festivals, ‘flower power’ clothing and hair accessories, the faint aroma of a certain herb in the air and everyone walking around with round shades saying “make love, not war, man”. But the reintroduction of 70’s fashion today makes for some amazing wardrobe choices which I find myself in love with.

The 60’s and 70’s was an era of change, from women’s movements to black pride  demonstrations. People all over the globe were standing up against inequality, violence and fighting (or rather, not fighting) for what they believe in. Sounds a lot like today, doesn’t it? So it naturally makes sense that we would dress in 70’s fashion which made such big statement as well.

The button-front skirt is great as it can be styled in so many ways and comes in different fabrics (suede- the one I’m wearing, leather, denim,  corduroy etc.) and in varying lengths. So whether you are from the ‘baby boomer generation’ or are much younger, this skirt can be adapted to your own unique style.


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